CHOICE of Repairer

Can you choose where to go when you have an accident?

If you don’t know, you should find out.


There is a VERY big difference between Insurer preferrer repairer and Choice of repairer.

Check your insurance policy to make sure you have choice of repairer. This allows you to choose the repair service when you get into an accident. Otherwise you’ll be required go to the repairer that the insurer tells you to go to – which if you think about it, must mutually benefit both the insurer and their preferred repairer. Why would it be an issue to be able to have the choice on who repairs your car? If you’re thinking they’re making it more difficult to choose your own repairer – it’s because they want to be able to control costs through using their own preferred repairers. Their costs are priority. 


Whose looking out for you? 



  • Can I choose who repairs my car?
  • Do you use original parts for my car?

If you’re not happy with the terms and conditions, change your policy so you have control over who repairs your big asset (for some your biggest)

We are independently owned, you’ll have a point of contact, we offer loan cars and we do high quality work with genuine parts and paints



The insurance companies will encourage you to go with their preferred repairers and on top of that they will steer their customers from choosing their repairers.

  • “Take it at there at your own risk”
  • “We can’t guarantee the repairs”
  • “There might by lengthy delays”
  • “Your car will be sent to an assessment centre”

All credible repairers will guarantee their work – as much as the preferred insurers are offering. We return vehicles to pre-accident condition.

There is a process that all repairs undertake. We are happy to coordinate a timeline with you and explain the process. We do our very best to accommodate your needs. A repair quote generally takes no more than 24 hours. On submission, the insurance company will assess and authorise the repairs. Once we are given the go ahead, most repairs take approximately 3-5 days, unless it is a bigger job requiring a longer repair time – we will always let you know.

When your car is sent to an assessment centre, it’s usually off-site and far away. The process is that the car will be assessed and the job will be up for grabs through tender by quotes. Through their network of choice of repairers, the insurance will allocate the job to one of their preferred repairer, often looking at the cost over the quality. Make sure your insurance policy allows to have the vehicle assessed and repaired at YOUR preferred repairer, so it’s not in the control of your insurance. We will fight on your behalf to get your car repaired with genuine parts and high quality workmanship.



Don’t give up your control to the insurance company to take care of your car.

  • Read the product disclosure statement (PDS) and be comfortable with what you’re covered for.
  • If in doubt, just ask: Accredited body repairers who are members of VACC (The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce) can assist you with insurance claims or give you advice to which insurance companies gives you the freedom to choose your repairer.

If it feels like the insurance company seems to be pushing a bit hard to go with their preferred repairer, or is discouraging you from having a choice in repairer, ask yourself why. What’s the motive. Is it customer satisfaction? It’s about controlling costs over quality. You are paying your insurance in case of a car accident and they are controlling the cost of the repairs of your car.

Rather than having choices dictated to you, a marketplace of tens of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term.