COVID-19 UPDATE – Restriction Stage 4


As of August 5th 2020, Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has confirmed that Victoria’s automotive industry remains open for business.

Customers can still come for emergency and necessary repairs.

Footscray Accident is fully committed to helping slow the spread of coronavirus in Victoria and continues to work closely with the VACC and with the guidance and advice supplied by the Victorian Premier and the Australian Government to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers, team members and the general public. 

We have updated our safety practices to minimise our risk of any disease spread and continue to maintain the highest possible standard of cleanliness and hygiene.

  • We disinfect and sanitise commonly touched surfaces before and after handling of vehicle (such as the steering wheel, indicator stalk, hand break lever, entertainment/ navigation system and door handles)
  • Limit our time when quoting cars: Offer drive-in contactless quotes. Customers are able to stay in their car while we take photos and send the quote via email/ we can receive photos of damaged car by email:
  • Making appointments for customers to adhere to social distancing and ensure no crowding. We want to reduce the number of people leaving their homes and moving around in Victoria
  • Masks are worn and available to customers
  • Regularly cleaning facilities and shared spaces, social distancing and sanitising signage and providing automatic touch-less sanitiser for customers 
  • Contactless vehicle pick up/ drop off options available – including loan car with tow truck*
  • Possible excess reduction/ waiver and other discounts for essential workers or those experiencing financial hardship due to coronavirus*


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*excess discount based on 10% of total labour on repair job to maximum amount of $500 – available through stage 4 restrictions – subject to change